Sunday, March 21, 2010


I logged on to Blogger as I do nearly everyday but today something was different. There was a comment that was not there before! I quickly scrambled to the comment page to find that the amazing artist Eric Scales had asked me, "Where are you Michael?". This was just the kick in the pants that I needed to post once again.

The following image is something I recently completed in my Computer Aided Design class. The assessment required us to design a torch and render it as realistically as possible. In typical Michael-fashion I didn't want to do that so I asked my tutor if I could model a lightsaber instead. Of course I chose none other than Mr Samuel L. "One Bad Ass Motherf***er" Jackson's (That's a Pulp Fiction reference for those of you playing at home). I'm pretty happy with the end result but I'm more interested in what 'you' the readers (or reader) think.


  1. Awesome job! What program did you use?

  2. Thanks Eric. It's a 3D modelling program called Solidworks. I rendered it using one of it's tools called Photoworks which is a program within the application.