Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random sketches

Travelling to and from university gives me a lot of idle time that sometimes I like to fill with drawing. Although drawing on a moving bus isn't ideal I like to rough out the drawings during that time and then I come back to clean them up later. You know, when I'm not prone to sudden arm jerks caused by a rapidly turning bus. Enjoy.

Two posts in one day. That's just (gasping for air) exhausting.


I logged on to Blogger as I do nearly everyday but today something was different. There was a comment that was not there before! I quickly scrambled to the comment page to find that the amazing artist Eric Scales had asked me, "Where are you Michael?". This was just the kick in the pants that I needed to post once again.

The following image is something I recently completed in my Computer Aided Design class. The assessment required us to design a torch and render it as realistically as possible. In typical Michael-fashion I didn't want to do that so I asked my tutor if I could model a lightsaber instead. Of course I chose none other than Mr Samuel L. "One Bad Ass Motherf***er" Jackson's (That's a Pulp Fiction reference for those of you playing at home). I'm pretty happy with the end result but I'm more interested in what 'you' the readers (or reader) think.