Thursday, November 12, 2009

Machine Drawings

Part of the course I'm studying required me to practice my freehand drawing skills by sketching the machinery in our workshop. We were allowed to be as expressive as we wanted so I decided to go a little crazy.

This first one is a large wooden lathe. Don't ask me what I was smoking the day I did this and no prizes for guessing which is the one I drew. Just to clarify it was the right one ... Let's read on.

This second one is a drop saw. I tried to give it a more comic stylised look with the thick black lines with an emphasis on 'tried'.

Sound off with your comments below.


  1. Pretty darn nice Michael! The only thing I would say is, based on your comments on my blog, I know you are looking for real solidity with your drawings. The first one, while it is cartoony and anthropomorphized, has just a few solidity problems. Not many, and with such a large machine it gets really tough. There are just a few places where the perspective is off, and that detracts from the solidity. I don't know what kind of rough or underdrawing you did, but working all your perspective and underlying structure out in the rough, will really help make it seem that it exists in space, even if you then take the laws of physics and distort them to make it cartoony. But really nicely done overall.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me Eric. It's always interesting to show another person a work I'm fairly satified with because there are a lot of details that I overlook such as those that you mentioned. I'll keep your advice in mind and try to work out some of the major details in the rough sketch so i get a better sense of solidity. I really appreciate the advice.